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TV out Problems (macrovision)

Ever had problems outputing to the TV using either PowerDVD or WinDVD because of Macrovision or what not. Well I have found a way to get around it without hacks or cracks.

First, plug-in your computer to your TV using whatever you usually use, in my case I use A/V plugs from my video card (Asus TNT using the latest Asus drivers) and sound card (SB-PCI64).

Once your computer has booted up and you can see windows on your TV. If you try running either PowerDVD or Windvd it won't work. For me PowerDVD gives an error saying it can't disable the TV-Out port and in WinDVD, all that I get is audio and a Windvd logo showing up.

So before you run either program, set your computer to switch back to the VGA mode (in my case click on the Asus Control panel in the tray, click on Display and in the top right-hand corner is a dropdown menu with TV or VGA in it).

Once the VGA mode is active your TV should go blank, but after 10 seconds or if you press the Escape button it should switch back to the TV mode.

Now try and run PowerDVD or WinDVD and for some magical reason it will work and you will be able to view your DVD's on TV instead of the monitor.

Submitted by Simon Submitted on February 28th, 2000.

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