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Getting Full-Screen TV-Out with NVIDIA based cards

As you may know, NVIDIA based cards such as the TNT, TNT2 and GeForce cards, don't let you get a full-screen image on the TV when you use the TV-Out mode. The reason for this is, that most TV sets have something called "Overscan". This means, that the TV actually cuts the edges of the TV image, usually by around 5%-10%.

So in order that the TV doesn't cut the desktop image, the NVIDIA cards scales down the image by around 10%-15%. This is all good and well when you're viewing the desktop, but it's unhealthy for the TV to have a black border around a bright image for long periods (it causes screen burns after long periods).

The solution is a program called TVTool, which you can find here.

This program allows you to disable the shrinking mode used by NVIDIA cards (among other tweaks). It's a must-have tool for NVIDIA based cards that use the BT868 or BT869 TV encoder chips (this excludes all Asus cards which use a different TV chip).

Submitted by Blight Submitted on March 9th, 2000.

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